Meet TopMarks AI – The AI Tool That Automates Essay Marking For Schools and Corporates

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A new AI startup is helping schools, universities and corporations to automatically mark tests and essays.

Meet TopMarks AI – the purpose-build AI solution that marks essays in seconds and is gaining popularity across universities and corporates in the UK and US.

Whilst some examinations are marked using computers, the manual task of grading millions of papers for students and graduates across the world is a long, expensive and tiring exercise.

About TopMarks AI and Its Founder

The company is the brainchild of London-based Richard Davis, who completed his Masters at Cambridge University.

“I was working with different publishing houses and have always been surrounded by masses of content. My brother has been talking about AI for years and this encouraged me to learn code and build TopMarks during lockdown.”

“I discovered that the market for automated essay marking was very scarce and wanted to take the headache out of exam marking and deliver something in minutes, not weeks.”

“We ran a successful test with a prestigious institution, in which a batch of tests were marked by both Top Marks AI and by the institution’s own human assessors — both using the same mark scheme — and the results showed a 99% consistency in results. At this point, I knew I was onto something.”

TopMarks AI has essential features for essay-marking including plagiarism detection and handwriting to digital text tools

How TopMarks AI Can Be Used For Essay Marking

After selecting the marking tool for the qualification/exam board/module of your choice, you simply input the essay or response, alongside the appropriate contextual data.

Top Marks generates incisive, specific and thorough written feedback, alongside actionable constructive criticism.

Users can choose from a range of marking rubrics, what are commonly known as mark schemes. This includes all subjects for KS1 to KS3, GCSE, A-Level and International Baccalaureate.

With free trials available for examiners and schools, the startup has also gained interest in the US for large corporations looking to mark the application essays of graduate schemes.

“Chat GPT certainly brought AI to the mainstream,” explains Davis. “Now people are looking at AI solutions to solve boring and time-consuming problems.”

“Importantly, we have a plagiarism detector, which has never been more crucial with the use of chatbots and AI tools to write essays – and building this into our solution has been essential.”

“We have big aspirations for TopMarks AI. This includes perfecting the user experience and building a simple dashboard for examiners and invigilators. At the heart of our business, the accuracy of essay marking and keeping results consistent is our number 1 priority.”

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