Meet Jonathan Torres – Founder of SuperDinero

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We spoke to Jonathan Torres, the founder of SuperDinero, the largest personal finance hub for spanish speakers in the US.

With more than 50 million people speaking spanish in America as their first language, understanding how the financial system in the US works can feel very foreign and confusing – and SuperDinero has built a following of thousands of subscribers to help people with basics such as credit cards, debt consolidation, money transfers and more. We speak to Jonathan to find out more about the company.

Why Did You Start SuperDinero?

Superdinero was created because I wanted to make sure Spanish speakers in the USA could easily get helpful financial info. But it’s tough because most of the important financial stuff is only in English.

Since we started Superdinero in 2018, we’ve been happy to help millions of people understand money matters and find solutions. And we do it all in a language they feel at home with.

What Have Your Learned Running The Business?

Ever since Superdinero began, our economy has been up and down. We’ve had tough times like the 2020 pandemic and better times after COVID, but now we’re facing a new challenge with inflation and higher interest rates causing a financial downturn.

Through all these changes, one thing stands out: Latino Americans are a strong part of the economy, even if their contributions aren’t always recognized. Despite facing difficulties, this group keeps driving the USA’s economic progress.

What Financial Advice Would You Give To Someone?

Here’s some advice I’ve learned from my mom over the years: Be smart with your money and don’t try to live a lifestyle you can’t afford just to impress others.

Someone earning $50,000 a year but managing their money well can end up richer in the long run than someone making $150,000 but spending recklessly.

And once you’ve got some savings and a financial safety net, don’t hesitate to invest in yourself and your future. It’s worth it in the end.

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