Everything You Need to Know About the Sony PS5 Slim

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Sony’s PS5 has been a hot topic of debate since its launch, with its bold design polarizing gamers worldwide. Some appreciated the unique two-tone aesthetic, while others found it too large and unwieldy. In response to this feedback, Sony has introduced a slimmer version of the PS5, although interestingly, it’s not officially labeled the PS5 Slim.

In an official blog post, Sony unveiled the ‘new PS5,’ a sleeker iteration of the gaming console that addresses some of the criticisms levied against its predecessor. The new PS5 is not just a cosmetic overhaul; it boasts practical enhancements, making it an enticing option for both existing and new PlayStation enthusiasts.


Slimmer and Lighter Design


The standout feature of the new PS5 is its reduced size and weight. The Digital Edition is 18% lighter, while the Disc drive model has shed an impressive 24% of its weight. These reductions translate to a more manageable and space-efficient gaming setup, catering to gamers with limited space.


Enhanced Storage and Modular Options


One of the significant improvements is the increased storage capacity. The new PS5 now comes with a 1TB SSD, offering players ample space to store their favorite games and multimedia content. Additionally, Sony has listened to the community’s demands by introducing an external Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive. This means gamers who initially opt for the Digital Edition can later choose to add a physical disc drive, enhancing their gaming experience without having to purchase an entirely new console.


Pricing and Accessories


The new PS5 lineup includes two variants: the PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, priced at $499 in the U.S., €550 in Europe, £480 in the U.K., and AU$799.95 in Australia, and the PS5 Digital Edition, available for $449 in the U.S., €450 in Europe, £390 in the U.K., and AU$679.95 in Australia. While the U.S. sees a $50 increase for the Digital Edition, it comes with 175GB of extra storage and the flexibility of adding an optical drive later on.

For those preferring a vertical setup, a separate Vertical Stand is available for $30 / AU$49.95. Additionally, an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive for the Digital Edition can be purchased separately for $80, offering buyers the choice to upgrade their console in the future.


PS5 Slim Outlook


The new PS5 will eventually replace the launch versions as current stock depletes, making this slimmer version the future face of Sony’s gaming console. For existing PS5 owners, it’s an opportune time to invest in accessories, considering the discontinuation of Console Covers for the older models.

For prospective PS5 buyers, November marks an excellent time to step into the next generation of gaming. The new PS5 Slim offers a streamlined design, expanded storage, and the flexibility to choose between digital and physical gaming, catering to a wider audience.

As the launch date approaches, gamers can expect more details about the optional disc drive and its installation process. Additionally, rumors of a PS5 Pro with further upgrades have piqued interest, promising an exciting future for Sony’s gaming ecosystem.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on the PS5 Slim and other developments from Sony, as the gaming world eagerly anticipates the next chapter in console gaming.

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